The Middle - Zedd

Electro, House, Pop

The Artist

Zedd is a Russian born, german Dj who has dominated the global stage with his unique blend of house and Electro Music. The Grammy recepient was promoting his latest Single ‘The Middle’ with country star Maren Morris for this project

The Promotion

For this song, we performed a custom Spotify playlist promotion campaign.We targeted house and pop playlists, which would cater to a 18-36 age range. Since zedd is a multi-platinum artist, we though ti best to focus on playlists with over 100,000 monthly listeners. The playlists were targeted to serve audiences in english speaking coiuntries, with a majority of the total songs being targeted toward similar listeners

The Results

The capaign racked up upwards of 5 Million streams. During the campaign, the budget was further optimized towards house music playlists over electro music playlists. The average daily rech was upwards of 700,000 with all the playlists combined. The lift in attention was carried ove to Zedd’s next Single “LA Lights”, which carried 20,000 streams in the first two hours of it’s release

I was impressed by the level of industry knowledge displayed by BeforeEight during the “The Middle” marketing campaign. They were able to not only massively push up ouur streaming numbers organically but were also able to communicate directly with label management to ensure a smooth work process

- Ronald Regan, Personal Manager - Zedd


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