How to get a top playlist placement as a musician!


How to get a top playlist placement as a musician!

There are so many good and talented musicians out there, maybe you are one of them. At a certain point, you want to get playlist placement in streaming platforms. That’s why we wrote this guide about playlist placement. It will help you to promote your songs on various platforms. But first we will show you how you can benefit from playlist placement, before we show you how it works.

So, let’s get started.

Why should I care about playlist placement?

If you have a song or a new album you want the world to know and maybe you’ll want to get paid for it. The dream of many musicians is to get paid doing what they love – making music. But how do you get people to listen to your work and get paid for it?

That’s where streaming promotions and playlist pitching come into the equation. In the new era of music streaming you can get a ton of new listeners, but only if they start listening to you. And that’s the point. You should start getting listeners through playlist placement.


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How does playlist placement work?

Maybe you have recognized it before but the way you find new music on Spotify or various other streaming providers is this:

  1. Found a new song you like because the streaming provider gave you a curated playlist for your music taste.
  2. Stop everything you are doing and click on the artist page because you like the song.
  3. Click shuffle to hear other songs from the same artist.
  4. Like the other songs as well and subscribe to the artist.
  5. Congratulations you are a fan now.

The same works with playlists that cover the same genre you like to listen to. If you like Ska and want to get new music, you’ll click shuffle on one of the playlists about Ska to find it. But who curated them? And that is the holy grail of streaming promotion because human beings like you and me, made them.

So when one of the curators decides to place your song in one of those playlists or maybe several, don’t you think that some people would become fans of your music? Don’t you think that someone would even pay for your music and that the odds of doing this full time would increase? You bet! And when you contact those people to get a playlist placement, that’s what you call playlist pitching.

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The step by step process for playlist placements!

Because there are many streaming providers for music these days, we will now give you a step by step guide for the biggest one: Spotify!

And here is how a Spotify playlist promotion can work:

  1. Create music in your genre that people would like to listen to (we will show you how you can focus on that point later).
  2. Then find several playlists in your genre that are made by people you could contact directly. Spotify has several playlists that are run directly by them. To get a Spotify playlist promotion in one of them is harder that the playlists from *real* people.
  3. Make a list of all relevant playlists for pitching.
  4. Maybe you can sort them by size. The smaller ones are easier for a playlist placement.
  5. As you go on with your research, also note the names of the curators.
  6. At the end, type the names of the curators into Google. Some of them are on Facebook, some on Instagram and some on YouTube. Make notes for your playlist pitching list.
  7. When your list is finished, start thinking about what you will write to the playlist curators.
  8. Especially think about what you can give them in return. Maybe you have a large Instagram account that you can do a shoutout on? Maybe you can give them your album and a concert ticket in return? Yes, that is close to bribery, but we didn’t say it would be easy.

Sounds like a lot of work?

Yes, doing business isn’t easy and music is a business after all. But we found another solution as well. Interested?

Here is the deal:

We have a wide reach in several streaming platforms with several playlist curators. Some of them are like friends to us. How easy and fast would it be, if you could do a streaming promotion with friends? It would be effortless. So if you want to concentrate your effort on the music producing part and let us promote it, we will get to the earning part much faster but only if we do it together.

So contact us today, we will help you get started in the music business and your career as an artist.

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