Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about music marketing or one of our services? Then you’ve come to the right place. In our FAQ section we answer frequently asked questions about music promotion in general and our services at BEFORE EIGHT. We hope that our FAQ section will also answer your questions! If you still have questions, feel free to contact us. You can also read about music promotion on Spotify, TikTok and YouTube in our blog, maybe you will find the answers to your questions there.

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General FAQ

If you have any questions, please fill out our contact form on the BEFORE EIGHT website. We will get back to you as soon as possible and always have an open ear for questions and feedback.

Our campaigns can be paid both by bank transfer and conveniently via PayPal. 

There are no limits for YouTube promotion or social media ads, as long as the quality of the track or video is right. On Spotify and TikTok we can only promote music that integrates well with our network of playlist curators and influencers. Anything else would not be promising. We don’t exclude any genre from the beginning. Our bigger genres are EDM, Pop, Rock and Party-Schlager. For genres not listed here, we have our Special Campaigns, which include music that doesn’t fit the other packages.

Of course you keep the rights to your music. We only support you in your release and career growth. No rights are released or given away here.

It can take up to 4 weeks for us to finish the active part of the campaign. However, this depends entirely on the quality of the track and the size of the campaign. The bigger the reach, the longer we need for this part of the promotion.

No, this is a myth in the music industry that still persists today. In fact, there are still many promotion agencies and artists who try to become successful with purchased streams and clicks. We at BEFORE EIGHT consciously oppose this questionable practice and distance ourselves from fake streams. Only organic music promotion ensures long-term success through real listeners and that is our goal!

Since we work very individually, the prices of our campaigns also vary depending on the desired reach and the individual music genre. In our webshop you can get a good overview of our offers and prices, but if you want an individual and perfectly tailored offer, just send us a non-binding request via our contact form. 

FAQ about our Services

We offer four different services, which you can find out more about on our services page and in the store. We often receive questions about the details of the services or the booking process. We have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers for you here. 

FAQ Marketing Kampagnen

Spotify Promotion

Yes, we offer a 100% organic Spotify promotion service. For this reason, we work exclusively in personal contact with real curators. We never use purchased streams or playlists, because they will harm your music career in the long run. What makes us an organic music promotion agency you can read here in one of our blog articles.

From experience, it can be said that a track achieves an average of about 10% of streams, measured by the sum of the total playlist followers. So for an EDM A campaign with 200,000 followers, that would be about 20,000 streams on average. This is an empirical value and cannot be guaranteed.


The placement of the track and the dwell time depend 100% on the respective curators of the playlists. Our work consists of pitching tracks to curators. In doing so, we only receive an acceptance or rejection. On average, tracks remain in a playlist for about 28 days, but curators decide independently how long and where a song is placed, so we can’t influence this.

Transparency is very important to us. For this reason, you will receive a detailed report from us as soon as we have completed the desired campaign. In this report you will find a list of all reached playlists including a link, so that we give the customer the possibility to check very easily whether the track was placed in the specified playlist.


Unfortunately, we cannot influence the exact placement of your song. This is at the discretion of the curators who maintain and curate the playlists. However, we work very closely with our network of curators and they know that we usually pitch appealing and appropriate music to them. As a result, we can usually get a very good placement.

Our special campaigns are meant for all those tracks or genres that we can’t work with another Spotify package. For example, the genres Soul, Pop Schlager, Hardstyle,… Since we work each of our campaigns individually and we have different curators and playlists in our network, we can not estimate exactly how many playlists come up in a special campaign. We try to find the right playlists for your track.

The earliest date to launch a Spotify campaign is the release day. Since we work with the Spotify link in our pitching process, we have to wait until it is activated and working. This makes it easier for the curators of our network to place tracks with just one click. If the release of a track has already happened, it can still be easily worked through a campaign. This does not affect the performance of the promotion.

YouTube Promotion

To put it briefly: Yes! By combining search engine, social media networking and video, YouTube is a wonderful portal for music marketing. Video marketing supports emotional connection and increases the conversion rate on your profile. And let’s not forget that YouTube is the second most successful search engine after Google.

In YouTube music promotion, we use YouTube videos, YouTube playlists and YouTube Ads to promote your music. Since YouTube is one of the largest and most diverse portals for musicians, YouTube should not be neglected for a successful music promotion strategy. If you are looking for more detailed information about the process of YouTube promotion, you will find it in our YouTube blog

Yes, according to our experience, a direct correlation between a YouTube promotion and a follower increase of the profile can be recognized. 

No, just like with other streaming providers, we can also work with playlists on YouTube, in which we integrate your music and promote it appropriately. We can also make use of YouTube Ads. A suitable thumbnail or cover is sufficient for this. Of course, an appealing music video still makes a good impression and can positively underline your music.


1. Creating a brand – your music is your product, how do you want to present it?

2. The creation and optimization of the appropriate content – We support you with video, cover and thumbnail.

3. Promotion – we integrate your music into YouTube playlists, integrate your social media channels, support collaborations and place customized Google Ads.

4. Analysis – we analyze YouTube statistics to optimize your promotion.

Social Media Promotion

Fans on Social Media are also ‘real’ fans. If you build up a big group of fans and followers as a musician, you benefit in multiple ways. A network is created, a loyal community that will also support and recommend you outside of Social Media.

The most relevant social networks for music promotion are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok Snapchat and YouTube. These are of course all part of our Social Media promotion packages.

No, it’s not absolutely necessary to already have your own account, as we can build and expand your account together over the course of the promotion. Apart from that, there are other ways to use Instagram for your music promotion. However, it does make sense to be able to link your music promotion to your account.

Especially on Social Media channels, there is a very broad target group. There are many niches and the trends are diverse and changeable, so a wide variety of music genres can benefit from Social Media promotion. Don’t worry, if we accept your song for our promotion, then your music genre can also be promoted successfully via Social Media, because we always take into account whether your music also fits our promotion possibilities.

Yes, since we also link our Social Media promotion and the Social Media Ads to your account, you will reach more followers there as well. Conversely, your music promotion will also benefit from your account followers.

TikTok Promotion

You don’t have to learn much for your music videos on TikTok. Especially on TikTok, spontaneous, personal and humorous videos are well received, your videos don’t have to be perfect. And above all, TikTok spots are only very short, your music is the focus. In addition, on TikTok you can also very well fall back on other influencers who integrate your music very easily into their videos.

You don’t have to be an influencer to make TikTok promotion work for you and your music. After all, the whole point of our promotion packages is to increase your reach. We’ll help you craft and promote your content in a way that resonates with your TikTok audience. 

Absolutely! TikTok is not just a fun social media tool. By now, most big brands have discovered the potential of TikTok and use it for their promotion, for example Ray Ban and Samsung. TikTok is growing fast and is now a size not to be underestimated – especially for music marketing! The short videos of the influencers are perfect to put your music in the spotlight.

Yes, TikTok also has an advertising program that allows you to run TikTok Ads. This way you can draw the attention of the desired audience to your content, i.e. your music.

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