How to get your music heard in 2020!


How to get your music heard in 2020!

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So you are an artist and want to make 2020 your year. Do you want to get new fans through a Spotify playlist promotion, Facebook Ads or YouTube? Then this article is for you. We will tell you what to do and why. So let’s start.

Create good music and do it often!

We want to ask you something. What makes artists, in any discipline, successful? You could argue, that this question cannot be answered, but it can. The answer is hard and smart work, persistence and patience.

So the first step towards getting your music heard in 2020 is this: Create good music and do it often.

We have seen many artists succeed and all of them did great work and did it over a long period of time. If you are a small artist you should start by asking your fans about your music. Ask them what they like, why they like it and engage with them. What makes them feel your music and why do they listen.

The first couple of discussions will be confusing. You will probably hear different answers to the same question. But as soon as you ask enough fans why they like your music, a pattern will emerge. And it’s this pattern that makes your music unique.

As soon as you know this, start producing more music that works with your audience. Because one thing is clear, the more you create of what people love, the more you will be recognized. But you should also promote your music through streaming promotions, playlist pitching, ads or YouTube. So let’s address the marketing side of music.


Spotify playlist promotion, Facebook, Instagram Ads and YouTube!

So what are the ways you can promote your music in 2020? We have some suggestions.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

If you have some money to spare, Facebook and Instagram are good ways to start with promotion. Create an account for you as an artist and then spend money on ads. You can target your audience in a pretty focused way. All you have to know is who your audience is.

YouTube for music artists

You can also start a YouTube Channel if you are comfortable making videos. Many artists have been discovered this way. Just look at Justin Bieber. It’s important to publish videos regularly. So start making videos for your songs and then upload them every week or month.

Spotify playlist promotion

Another smart way to get your music heard in 2020 is a technique called Spotify playlist promotion. You start with playlist pitching and maybe get a place in one of the playlists on Spotify. This way you get exposed to hundreds or maybe thousands of new listeners. You can be sure that some of them will become fans of your music.

Some playlists on Spotify are curated by independent people. All you have to do is finding playlists for a Spotify playlist promotion, find out the contact details of the curators and ask them to give your songs a listing in one of their playlists.

As with all promotion techniques, consistency and patience are important. If you need help with a Spotify playlist promotion, you should have a look at our service. We can bring your songs to the right playlists. We have excellent contacts with many curators and if your music has potential, we would be more than happy to help you.

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