How to Optimize Digital Music Promotion

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Increase your monthly listeners by following these 5 time-tested steps. Implementing these steps can start today, and will help you grow a loyal listener base!

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Five Easy Tipps to Optimize Digital Music Promotion

We know that digital music continued to evolve over the last decade and has left us with one certainty. Music streaming platforms (especially Spotify), are the leading source of income for many artists. Spotify promotion can be a tough process to perfect, but there are many tactics you can use to optimize digital music promotion.

Step 1: Verify Your Artist Profile.

To verify your Spotify Account is more than a simple checkmark on your profile. A verified Spotify Account is the first and best way to increase the chance that the Spotify Algorhithm finds you and your music. It’s become much easier as soon as your profile is verified. You no longer need a set amount of followers, etc. and instead can simply register for a “Spotify for Artists” profile.

Step 2: Stay Active on Spotify.

Just as with social media, staying active and current on Spotify is essential for ensuring real and organic Spotify promotion. Allowing too much time to pass without creating your own Spotify playlists or upload music could decrease your relevancy. If you have new music, keep sharing it. Over time you’ll see your monthly listeners begin to grow, which in turn will build your leadership.

Step 3: Promote Your Spotify Profile on Social Media.

We already know that social is the main hub for music fans to stay up to date on news and concert listings of their favorite artists. As an artist, you may already have a following on popular social media platforms such as Youtube. Take advantage and be sure to communicate your Spotify profile and music through your posts. You can also advertise your Spotify songs through Facebook and Instagram ads that can target audiences based on their demographics.

Step 4: Collaborate With Other Spotify Artists

If you’re struggling to build your following on Spotify or to attract listeners to choose your songs for playlists, there are many other artists feeling the same way. You can promote your songs on Spotify by partnering with other artists, both of you sharing each other’s music on playlists and followers. By building each other up, you’re gaining double the exposure to potential audiences.

Step 5: Promote Yourself To Playlist Curators

Those top playlists you see on Spotify aren’t there by chance. They’ve been carefully curated by Spotify and some of the top music producers like Sony. To increase your chances of being put on these playlists and have access to the millions of daily listeners, you need to reach out and communicate with their makers.

We hope we could help you to optimize your digital music promotion with these 5 easy tips. Are you interested in learning about what we at BEFORE EIGHT do? Do you have questions about how you can increase your chances through our playlist promotion service? Reach out to a member of our team today. If you have further Question don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our FAQ section where we answer regularly asked questions.


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