How to earn money with TikTok

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Together with Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, TikTok is one of the largest social media platforms of our time. In 2020 alone, the short clip app counted more than 680 million active users. The app was originally named “Douyin” and was released on the Chinese market in September 2016. On August 2nd, the app was rebranded and relaunched as Only starting from 2018, became known under its current name “TikTok”. One billion active users are currently registered in the app. The hype and rapid growth of TikTok have created a multitude of opportunities to make money on and with the platform. In the following blog article, we will explain in detail the functioning of this mechanism.

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How much money can you make with TikTok?

According to the NBC News, English-speaking influencers with a following of 5,000,000 users can earn an estimate of around $5000-8000 per post. In Germany, the situation is a bit different as significantly fewer users can be reached due to the language barrier. However, this shouldn’t stop you from keep going and working on optimizing your TikTok account; in fact, there are many German-speaking companies and brands that prefer using German-speaking advertising ambassadors to avoid any wastage. Nowadays, several products are tailored to specific markets, which can be an advantage for you if you want to earn money with TikTok.

Opportunities to earn money with TikTok


Livestreams allow you to receive donations from your community. You receive no real money here, but coins. Then, you can get paid in a currency that is in line with your place of residence. Keep in mind that a user can send you max. 70 coins per stream. Furthermore, TikTok takes a portion of your earnings, which can be up to 80%, depending on the size and range. Alternatively to streaming on TikTok, you can also ask your community to follow you on other platforms. In this way, the returns from your audience can be significantly higher, even if the number of users is proportionately smaller.

Money on TikTok


With affiliate-marketing, you receive a commission when people buy your linked items. For example, this can be any video equipment that you subtly advertise with a link in your description box. Furthermore, affiliate marketing offers you a good opportunity to generate passive income. If you don’t have any sponsorship yet, you can also advertise products that represent the interests of your niche. In the beauty sector, for instance, these could be linked to the products you use.


Oftentimes, sponsoring is seen as the holy grail for making money using TikTok. Influencers work hard to get sponsorships. Depending on the reach, a well-placed sponsorship on TikTok can earn you up to five-digit amounts. In addition to companies and brands, music labels can also get in touch with you to promote their songs. If potential partners contact you, you can also advertise their products or services through your accounts on other social media platforms.


With your own products, costs are naturally much higher. A t-shirt can usually be of good quality and help you obtain big profits as an influencer. In addition to common merchandise such as clothing items, you can also introduce products that fit your niche. For instance, in the beauty field it is possible to launch beauty products. There are no limits to your creativity. Innovative products will bring about sales, especially if you are a pioneer in the sector.


muvid is a new and innovative online app, especially impressive for its low thresholds. From the perspective of an influencer, you can choose songs to use in your videos while promoting them at the same time. Interestingly, you do not need a huge reach to do this, as your payout is based on the number of views. On you can easily register with just few clicks and earn money with your TikTok Content.

Earn money on TikTok

Let's get started - earn money with TikTok!

Generally, it is still possible to generate income with the video app, even as a newcomer. Nonetheless, you should make sure that your content matches your external image from the beginning of your career. Try to define a target audience and post contents that could interest that audience. When it comes to sponsorships, you shouldn’t immediately accept everything. It is fundamental to filter your partnerships carefully and through the eyes of your audience, as your community doesn’t live on you, but you does on your community. Making inappropriate recommendations or promoting a product you don’t support will inevitably damage your bond. Therefore, you should always leave yourself some time to think about possible cooperations.

Hopefully, we managed to give you a brief overview on how to make money with TikTok. Should you have any further question or comment, feel free to contact us at any time. We thank you for your attention and interest.

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