Is it legal to buy YouTube Views?

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You probably know the following situation. No matter how hard you try and optimize your content plus your channel, the views on your videos don’t increase. When looking for ways to increase your clicks, you come across some sites that offer you to buy cheap views on YouTube. Now you ask yourself whether it would make sense for you to purchase views is it safe and what the possible consequences could be.

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What are they offering you?

So, you’re considering to buy YouTube Views? Probably You have good reasons, we know how Difficult it can be to start a music career. As described at the beginning, the reason can be frustration. Furthermore, without positive interactions, like subscribing, liking, watching or commenting your videos will not be played out or recommended to any other users. This in turn leads to stagnation in building your brand. In most cases, you will not be offered pure views. Rather, you are sold a mixture of views, likes, comments and increasing subscriber numbers. The reason for this is not to expose the fake growth so quickly. The ratios between all the factors just mentioned should be conclusive.

Is it even legal to buy YouTube Views?

The legal situation regarding the purchase or sale of YouTube views is currently clear. It is legally prohibited to offer or purchase views. For this very reason, we strongly advise you not to buy views generated by bots or people from low-wage countries. It is not possible to buy “safe” or “authentic” YouTube views.

What are the possible consequences?

For example, you could be banned from YouTube or, in the worst case, your entire channel could be banned. Always keep in mind that the fake views and subscribers bring you basically nothing, except for embellished numbers. You don’t have truly interested viewers or consumers who bring a high purchasing power.

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Are there Alternatives to bought YouTube Views?

Of course, there are healthy and sustainable alternatives that are conducive to the growth of your channel. You could, for example, make sure to optimize a few things yourself. Which things we mean in detail, we will explain now.

1. Especially as a musician, you can start your career by publishing content outside of music. This can be, for example, vlogs or Behind the Scenes. By creating other content, you can build a base before releasing your first songs so that you already have a certain basic reach.

2. You should also make sure to use appropriate titles and thumbnails. The titles could, if possible, consist of keywords and the thumbnails should attract the attention of users or arouse their interest.

3. Furthermore, you can use the info cards or the credits, for example, to link your videos to each other or to insert call-to-action prompts. The credits are especially interesting for you here because at this point it’s about users who have watched your video to the end. The likelihood that they will follow one of your prompts is much higher.

4. By creating playlists, you also have the possibility to connect your videos. You should create lists with a thematic focus. This usually leads to higher numbers of your views as well.

5. You should also interact with your viewers. This shows your community that you take them seriously and accept both praise and criticism. It also strengthens the bond between you and your viewers.

6. In addition, you can collaborate with other YouTubers to expand your community. Optimally, both partners would benefit from each other and their respective fan bases.

7. Pay special attention to the quality, but also to the quantity of your videos. Your viewers should be able to rely on new content being created to stay on the ball and follow your channel. Try to make sure that the quality of your videos does not deteriorate. Otherwise, viewers who are disappointed by low-quality content might drop away.

8. You could have your videos promoted by a Professional Promotion Agency such as BEFORE EIGHT. Especially if you’ve already tried everything to increase your views and none of it works. Here you could increase your reach through quality content.


Especially at the beginning of your career on YouTube, it’s not easy to build a community and reach high click numbers. There are a lot of ways to optimize your content and your account. If none of them really works, you can think about booking a Promotion Service to improve your views organically on the long term. However, we strongly advise against click-buying. Not only do they violate YouTube’s guidelines, they are also illegal. In a worst case scenario, your channel could be banned or even blocked altogether. We would not recommend this in view of the large amount of work involved. We hope that we could answer your question if it is legal to buy YouTube clicks and that we could give you some helpful tips and tricks to increase your views in an organic and healthy way. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us any time in the contact section.

See you next time.


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