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Your YouTube channel doesn’t reach the views you imagine? Also your reach is not satisfactory despite great efforts so far? With our tips and tricks, this can be easily changed. In the following, we explain how to optimize your content and channel and achieve a higher reach.

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How to create successful YouTube Content

How can I produce successful YouTube Content? Decisive is not just the content alone, but it’s integration in to your account. Beneath the context and quality, there is quite a lot to consider when producing good YouTube content. As an artist who wants to use YouTube for music promotion, a well-known YouTube Channel with a high reach can be very important. We want to help you, so we have summarized the most important aspects here to give you some kind of guideline for successful YouTube Content.


When it comes to the preview image, it is extremely important that you draw the user’s attention to your page. The thumbnail is, so to speak, the figurehead of your video. For the viewer, it must be clear within a second what your video is about in terms of content. The perfect thumbnail has the following attributes.

  • What will your viewers take away at the end of the video?
  • What could make your viewers particularly curious?
  • Which target group is the video for?


Now write down 5-10 headlines and compare them. In the end, you decide on a title.

The first few seconds

In many cases, the first few seconds of your video are decisive for victory and defeat. Therefore, pay special attention to the beginning of your videos and revise it if necessary until the entry fits perfectly.

Video description

You shouldn’t neglect your video description, even if it’s not the first thing your viewers get to see. The description is important for YouTube’s algorithm and search function. Your description should therefore include suitable keywords so that users are guided to your video in search queries.

Quantity and Quality

You should pay attention to both the quantity and quality of your videos. With a higher or constant output, you can build your reach much easier. In addition, the viewers then have more reason to “stick with you” and your content. However, you should not ignore the quality and try to find a healthy balance between quality and quantity.

Qualitativer Youtube Content

Call to Action

Be sure to include prompts in your videos. The best way to do this is to use the end of your clip, as you can be sure that the viewer has seen your post with interest until the end. Here, the probability is many times higher that the user will follow your request and, for example, like your video, subscribe to your channel or leave a comment.


Try not to neglect your community and take your viewers seriously by responding to comments and messages and taking criticism to heart. Users should feel part of a large community and be able to identify with you and your content.

Cross Promotion on other Platforms

You should definitely promote your videos and your channel on your other social media platforms as well. Especially TikTok and Instagram can be of interest to you, as it is easier to go viral with short clips and pictures. Use your reach on these platforms and link your channel to increase your views on YouTube.


Collaborations with other influencers or musicians can increase your popularity and reach to a Boost YouTube. Find partners with whom you can create exciting content. Ideally, all parties benefit mutually from the collaboration. You should not consider other creators who serve your niche as competitors, but always as possible partners.

CI and Branding

When creating your content, always make sure to use your own CI (Corporate Identity). This increases your recognition value and makes it easier for users to remember.

Successful YouTube Content through good Sound Quality

At first glance, sound quality isn’t exactly something you think about to increase your reach, but pay attention to it. Videos with a good sound quality are also usually visually better prepared and testify to a higher professionalism. Especially as an artist, you know that the sound quality can make quite a big difference.

YouTube Klicks auf YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics

With YouTube Analytics, you have insight into what is well received by your viewers. Check your stats periodically to see what content your community wants you to see.


The tags can be as helpful as the keywords. Use appropriate tags or hashtags so that YouTube’s algorithm can play your videos to suitable users.

We hope we were able to give you a little insight into how you can increase your views with successful YouTube Content. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are also happy to help you build your YouTube channel.

Until next time, your BEFORE EIGHT team.

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