TikTok Promotion

Hi, it’s good to have you back! So far, we have written a lot about promotion in general and Spotify promotion. But what kind of promotion agency would we be if we didn’t develop further and follow the latest trends on marketing of our target group? That’s exactly what we’ve done for you & your advertising campaigns and now we can offer you our latest service: tiktok promotion.

TikTok Paid Promotion

Hi! Today it’s about tiktok, business, ads, and marketing – and: money, money, money. Well, a good cash register always plays a role in life somehow. But especially among artists: You are a musician and often make the experience of playing unpaid gigs and sets? People want to listen to music for free? Yes, we know these comments and this approach is not one of our favorites. Because: good quality is not for free. This is also true in the world of music marketing. That’s why today it’s all about tiktok paid promotion.

Promote TikTok Video

Hey, good to have you back and continuing to work with tiktok! Because: Tiktok is the best place to let your music go viral! It’s innovative and modern. That’s why we’re happy that you’re interested in this topic as an artist and want to discuss how you promote music through tiktok videos in this blog.

Promote on TikTok

Have you already been busy marketing your song through streaming promotion on Spotify and Deezer? Great! Then you have already built up a part of the marketing portfolio for your music business. Now it’s time to develop further and learn new niches: promote on TikTok.

TikTok Music Marketing – An Introduction Part 2

Hello, great that you’ve found our tiktok blog (again)! Here, we inform you about the world of influencers and especially about tik tok music marketing – An Introduction Part 2. We’ve also written a first part, giving you some tips and tricks about tik tok music marketing – hopefully we’ve hit the right trigger for you. So, now to the content and how your campaign looks best…

TikTok Music Promotion – An Introduction Part 1

Welcome back to our blog! Tiktok is just this one social media app for you, where you can watch short, entertaining videos with music? You could spend hours and hours watching these colorful pictures on your screen? Many people feel the same way as you do: In Germany alone, several million people use Tiktok. And it’s exactly this possibility that we can make use of when it comes to music! How tik tok music promo can work for you is explained in this blog: our introduction, part 1.