How to Create Social Media Content

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We are going to show you how to create your social media content! You probably know the situation. It has been a while since your last release. During the promotion of your release, you had a lot of content, which you gradually posted on your social media channels. That seems an eternity ago, and since then, only gaping emptiness rules your timeline. Here, we will show you how you can preventively make sure there is always enough content on your site.

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How to Create Social Media Contents

Planning makes perfect

To ensure that there will be no idle time in your social media channels, you should make an editorial plan for your social media content. In this way, you can plan your postings far into the future. With the Meta Business Suite, for instance, posts and stories for Facebook and Instagram can be planned in advanced and published automatically. For posts that have been planned well in advance, we recommend that you use timeless material. An example could be portraits or pictures of you.


Nowadays, spontaneity is no less important than planning. Thanks to the story function, you have the opportunity to share spontaneous moments of your life on various platforms. In this case, the effort is not as high as creating fixed posts for your timeline, since the content will be deleted within 24 hours. With posts in story format, you can strengthen the bond with your community as you allow your fans to be present in your life as a musician.


Social Media Content Production

Look around!

Before preparing your own content for the different platforms, you should first search for similar artists in your genre. For example, if you make German rap music, it makes sense to analyze the content of big names in the scene, like Bonez MC or UFO361, before creating your own.

Nonetheless, never exaggerate. Your content should always match your image as an artist and be unique. Your fan base is more sensitive than you think. They will notice if you do something with the aim of increasing your reach, and if you stand for your principles and values or not. This doesn’t mean you can’t follow trends to increase your reach. Just make sure that the content is congruent with your image.

How do you create social media content?

There are several different ways to create contents for your social media channels. For example, you can do photo shoots, vlogs or simply document your everyday life as a musician with a camera and take contents from it. If you haven’t studied graphic design, and you are not a Photoshop pro, Canva is the best choice to create your content. On Canva, you can choose among a thousand templates to edit by yourself. All in all, working on Canva is much more efficient and time saving than Photoshop.

Social Media Content Production

What should you consider when it comes to Social Media Content?

When it comes to content marketing on social media, there are a few things to pay attention to:

1. Customize your brand: 

As already mentioned, your content should fit you and your music. For posts that will remain in your timeline, we suggest high-quality content.

2. Who do you want to reach? 

Before publishing, you should consider for which target audience you are posting and what will most likely trigger the users. The point is to emotionalize people, no matter what direction you take. The important thing is to attract users’ attention and possibly ensure increased commitment, which simultaneously increases your reach.

3. Exploit the different content formats:

With the story format, the quality of your posts can be marginal. The main aim is scoring points with your content and strengthening the connection with your community. For example, sharing moments of your everyday life is a suitable option. You take your fans into a trip to your everyday life, and you let them know how it is going. The story function can also be used for spontaneous announcements, for example if your concert has been cancelled or there is new merchandise available in your shop.

4. Choose a unique social media content strategy!

You can adapt the content of other artists when creating your own posts, but they should always maintain your own touch. Try to focus on what makes you unique!


Should you be interested in a social media campaign beyond your posts, feel free to contact us at any time. We offer different formats of promotion for musicians. On the one hand, we can pitch your releases in third party playlists, and on the other we are expert in setting up entire social media campaigns.

As social media content managers, we follow your promotion from first to last step. For example, we set a suitable target audience for your music, we create contents, plan, and budget for your promotion campaign. At the end of the cooperation, you will receive a transparent report for an overview of results and successes.

We thank you for your attention and hope to see you again next time. 


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