The Best Platforms for Social Media Music Promotion

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If you had been asked to name the best platform for social media promoting in 2006, your answer would have definitely been Myspace. Nonetheless, things have changed in times of digitalization and other platforms have become useful promotion tools. But what are the most important social media channels? And which social media platform is best for which target group? We are going to explain you exactly this with a short overview of social media channels with their pros and cons.

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The most important Social Media Channels

There are countless social media channels, but if you as an artist want to promote your music via social media, it is crucial to know your way around the social media jungle. That’s why we’re giving you an overview of the most important social media promotion platforms and their respective advantages and disadvantages for your individual social media music promotion.


Main target group: 16-24 years old

The Chinese video-app has become a game-changer for the national and international music industry. Just by looking at the charts, you will notice that songs viral on TikTok are often in the top 10. Hits like “Ohne Benzin” I (43 million streams), „Auf & Ab“ I (118 million streams) or „Wildberry Lillet“ I (45 million streams) have TikTok videos in the five to six-digit range. At the same time, the sales of these titles are increasing through the plays on streaming platforms. This in turn leads to a higher placement in the charts and more attentions for the artist.

For you as a newcomer, the app offers tons of possibilities to make your music known. On one hand, you can go viral faster through TikTok algorithm by making short clips. The social network is still growing and so it offers the best possible basis for development.

However, the greatest advantage of TikTok is also its greatest disadvantage. When the algorithm decides whether to push your content, posting is often like playing the lottery. This platform for social media promotion gives you the possibility to go viral, but is also a bit unpredictable. Here you can read more about TikTok Promotion.


Main target group: 18-24 Years

With over a billion users on the platform, Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world. The subsidiary of Meta offers you as an artist some opportunities to promote your music in the best possible way. On one hand, you can exploit functions such as reels or posts to become viral quicker and increase your reach. On the other hand, the story format lets you get closer to your fans and helps you to build your own community. Moreover, with Instagram, you also have the opportunity to promote your music through ads. Here you can read more about Instagram Ads for your individual music promotion.

Social Media Promotion Instagram


Main target group: 25-34 years

Facebook remains the largest of all social media platforms also in 2022. Even if the target group shifts to a slightly older audience, you can promote your content through the Ads Manager. For example, you can enter a specific genre or a demographic criterion.

You can easily access these data from the statics of your streaming service accounts. In addition, you can plan your ads on Facebook more meticulously. Even with a limited budget for advertising (around 20-30 euros per month) you can increase your fame and reach. Therefore, Facebook is a large, inexpensive and easily adaptable platform for your social media promotion. In our article about Facebook Ads, you can learn how to promote your music on Facebook.


Main target group: 14-19 years

Snapchat is a free instant messenger that you can use on your smartphone and tablet. The platform has continued to grow steadily since it was founded in 2011. Unlike the other social media promotion platforms, Snapchat does not offer standalone profile pages to its users. However, you can still promote your music on Snapchat through ads. The users are similar to TikTok ones as they are aged between 14 and 19. In total, there are over 300 million active users on the platform every day. Here you can read everything about Snapchat Ads Promotion in detail.


Main target group: 14-29 years old

YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. For you as an artist, it means that you can promote your music more and more through SEO optimization. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to build a large and active community through the subscription function. Also, your content and videos can be advertised to specific target groups via Google Ads. We have a whole blog about YouTube as a music promotion tool. 


Main target group: 16-24 years old

Just looking at the German rap scene is enough to recognize that Twitch offers you a multitude of possibilities as an artist. On one hand, you can promote your music through livestreams, on the other, additional income can be generated by using Twitch. The content you broadcast on the platform is also great material to recycle and re-upload to other social networks such as YouTube.


Social Media Promotion on Twitter


Main target group: 18-34 years old

Just like all other platforms, Twitter allows you to build up a community with comparatively little effort. With a maximum of 280 characters, you can draw attention to yourself and your brand. In addition, you can post articles and videos for promotion. With a total of over 240 million users, Twitter is definitely one of the largest social media platforms.

The best social media for my individual promotion:

As you can see, the choice is huge! When you are to choose for your music promotion, you should consider the subtle differences. Ask yourself which target audience you want to reach, which is your budget or which format (videos, photos, stories, reels, etc.) suits you best.

Moreover, you can also consider whether you would like to plan and monitor your growth explicitly, such as on Facebook, or if you prefer to create spontaneous content and hope to go viral. In this second case, TikTok might be the right choice for you. Ultimately, it is best to do cross promotion in any case. This means that you had better using and combining different social media channels to build a cross-channel fan base.


Hopefully, we have given you a little overview of the most popular and important platforms for social media  music promotion. As an artist, it seems appropriate to promote your content online. In many cases, the costs are manageable and there are plenty of options available. Nonetheless, with all these offers, it is essential not to lose sight of the most important thing (your music). The best marketing will do little if your product can still be optimized.

Should you be interested in a promotion campaign, feel free to contact us at any time. We thank you for your attention and hope to see you again next time.


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