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Organic Spotify Plays

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After we have dealt with playlist pitching extensively and in detail last time, this blog is about “Organic Spotify Plays”. We’ll discuss the advantages of organically generated streams, the disadvantages of fake streams and a description of how we work at BEFORE EIGHT.



At the beginning: What are organic Spotify plays?

Organic Spotify plays are organically generated streams that are generated by real, actually existing listeners, fans and followers. The opposite of “Organic Spotify plays” are fake streams. Fake streams are often offered at extremely low prices by dubious service providers. Just by searching for Spotify promotion on Google alone, you’ll become aware of hundreds of providers offering Spotify plays in a matter of seconds, who don’t always play with honest means. You should be especially careful with prices that seem too cheap to you. An inferior quality web presence can be a further indication that something isn’t right. When booking your promotion, you should always be aware that you should focus on sustainable artist development and not on the well-known “five minutes of fame”.


The advantages and disadvantages of organic Spotify plays & fake streams

Fake streams have, strictly speaking, exactly one advantage. Your streaming numbers on Spotify are higher and will make a better impression on the users at the first moment. Of course, 1,000,000 streams are nicer to watch than 1,000, but listeners will notice the fake sooner or later. The disadvantages of fake Spotify streams are much more far-reaching. The success of your music is definitely diminished by the use of bots on Spotify. The algorithms of the streaming services usually recognize quickly that they are fake streams because other factors like “saves” or the monthly listeners are no longer in relation to the plays. As an artist, you yourself contribute to the fact that the chances of landing in an algorithm-based playlist, such as “Discover Weekly”, are dwindling when using fake streams. In addition to the dwindling chances of being placed in playlists, you also make it more difficult for curators to include your music in their playlists. They often listen to their gut feeling, but certainly also to their head; and if you, for example, as a German rap artist, have generated 1,000,000 streams in India, the curator will have his own thoughts on the matter and most likely not place your tracks in his playlists on Spotify. In the worst case, Spotify may block individual tracks from you or even you as an artist. Considering how much work, time and money you put into your music before release, a ban would really be too bad. In general, we strongly advise you not to use fake streams. Use your financial possibilities for appropriate and efficient marketing strategies for your music. A possible Spotify playlist pitching method is discussed in the next section.


In this section we will travel back together to the early days of BEFORE EIGHT and we will explain our work processes. BEFORE EIGHT was created only because the founders and owners were artists themselves looking for organic marketing opportunities on Spotify. After thorough research, they found only opaque or for their financial possibilities as students overpriced offers in the sector of organic music promotion. In order to present their own tracks to a wider audience, they decided to establish a curator network. Still today you as an artist profit from this decision. We’ll explain in the following section how BEFORE EIGHT works.



The first step is the submission of your music. By using the contact form on our website, you have the possibility to submit your tracks to us. Usually, we will check the quality of your song and its compatibility with our curator network within 24 hours. You will also receive an answer within the same time period. We check your music in advance only to make sure that a cooperation has the necessary chances of success. If we reject one of your tracks, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suit our taste, but rather that promotion in our network will not produce the desired Spotify plays. So, don’t be unnecessarily deterred by a rejection and send us more music from you in the future. 

Should one or more of your tracks pass the initial check, one of our staff members will send you a proposal for an offer. You can accept these suggestions or optimize them together with us according to your wishes. As soon as both parties agree, you will receive an online form, providing us with all the necessary information to create your promotion campaign. You will be asked for information such as the desired start date of your campaign, the artist name or the Spotify URL to your track.

At the beginning of your promotion campaign, we will pitch your song to the curators in our network until the desired reach of Spotify playlist followers is achieved. Due to the 100% organic way we work, we cannot guarantee any number of streams. We only guarantee for the provision of the reach. In most cases, a promotion is completed after approximately seven days. After 10 days you will receive a personal report on your campaign from one of our employees. We want to ensure transparency which makes our work comprehensible for you. 

We have agreed with the curators that every title that has been pitched by us will remain in the playlists for at least four weeks. In many cases the songs remain longer (five to seven weeks) in the curators’ playlists. However, this is done by the independent decisions of the curators. A guarantee exists only for the first four weeks.

If you’re interested in our 100% organic playlist pitching service, don’t hesitate to submit your music via the contact form. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time via this way. We are looking forward to you and your music!


Besides the possibility to promote your music organically with the help of BEFORE EIGHT, there is also the chance to release your songs through our in-house label. The biggest advantage of a release through us is obvious. We can promote your music excellently, digitally and above all organically. Meanwhile we have access to a very large curator network, which makes it easy to promote your music. If you are looking for a fair and transparent partner who considers you as an artist at eye level, please contact us via the contact form. BEFORE EIGHT is a label by musicians for musicians. We are looking forward to you and your music.



For some time now we have been offering newcomers and established artists the opportunity to pitch their songs with us in an uncomplicated and independent way. This service is completely free of charge and something we want to give back to the artists for their trust. If you want to pitch your song into one of our Spotify playlists like “Gym Motivation” with 150.000 followers or “Fitness Motivation” with 50.000 followers, please use the following link . Many artists have benefited from this service in the past, not only by increasing streams but also by the fact that the algorithms of Spotify have become aware of them, which in return then resulted in more playlist placements by Spotify, more plays in general, an increase in followers and a real push for their facebook, instagram and other socials. We are happy to read positive feedback from artists and see that development is taking place on their Spotify accounts. A few years ago, we would have wished to have such a simple and effective way of playlist pitching on Spotify.


Recently, we have started offering organic promotion on other social media platforms such as Tiktok or Instagram. We work together with the most influential influencers and opinion leaders in the scene and generate target group specific reach for you and your product. If you are interested, please contact us via the contact form on our homepage.



We hope that this blog post gave you a small overview about organic Spotify plays based on our own way of working. It is important to us that the artist understands what exactly we do for him and in his name. In summary, the real/organic approach is always better for you as an artist than the use of bots or the like, because sooner or later fake streams bring their consequences. Streams in the millions are beautiful to watch at first sight. But afterward, you’re unnecessarily blocking opportunities at Spotify and especially at the curators. 

BEFORE EIGHT is a hybrid of promotion agency and label. Founded by musicians for musicians. We want the artists at our side to grow sustainably and healthy through organic reach. We see ourselves as a fair and transparent partner at eye level in all matters.

If you, as a newcomer or established artist, are interested in a cooperation, please contact us at any time via the contact form. You will usually receive an answer within 24 hours after receiving your message. As a label, we make sure that your music is published on all common portals, such as Spotify, iTunes, or Deezer, and as a promotion agency, we push it with the best possible and target group-oriented reach. 


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