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Connect yourself and your music with Social Media Promotion! Using our Social Media Promotion Service, you can benefit from the wide range of Social Media to spread your music. Networking becomes more and more relevant in the world of music promotion, because everyone and everything is connected by Social Media. With our Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Co we offer you a whole new access to an international audience.

Your online success on Social Media always conveys to other streaming providers and sustainably promotes your offline music career as well. Consequently, Social Media should be part of every organic Music Promotion Campaign.

Connect yourself with Social Media Promotion
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On Social Media Platforms you can reach many different age and target groups. There are countless topics and niches for different content, including your music! As a promotion agency, we support you from the very beginning until your successful release. 

Together we define and analyse your target group to develop a fitting concept for your music promotion. Afterwards, we support the creation of your content and promote your music to the right channels and audiences. In doing so, we do not only set up precisely adjusted Social Media Ads on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Google Shopping and Co. We also work with our network of successful and diverse TikTok influencers who know exactly how to put your music in the right spotlight.

Data-Oriented Social Media Promotion

Every Social Media Campaign generates a lot of complex data. We understand how to use this information to improve your music promotion and generate the best campaign for you and your music. Social Media statistics answer all kinds of questions regarding the characteristics of your target groups, the success of your account and music.

These data points are decisive for the test assumptions we put up at the start of your individual campaign. This way, we can compare different marketing strategies to come to the best result for you and your music. Because of this data-based optimization, you will spend the same amount of money but we reach a larger and more interested market of listeners.

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