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Hey! Good to have you back! Today we are going to deal extensively with streaming promotions on Spotify. Unlike the blog posts before, we also deal with the promotion outside of the streaming providers to give you the best possible basic knowledge for your personal streaming promotion.

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Let's dive into Spotify Promotion Services

You’re a newcomer to Spotify and the benefits of a Spotify Promotion Service? You have uploaded your first track to igroove, recordjet or Spinnup and are now eagerly waiting and longing for the release? Or has your first release been a while ago, and you’re not satisfied with the streams you could reach during this time? Many artists are exactly in this situation at the beginning of their musical career. Terms such as “algorithm”, “listening habits” or “sampling” are still new territory for many in this situation. In this blog, we’d like to shed some light on the dark realm of online promotion on Spotify and give you the opportunity to get an overview of the common marketing channels of the scene.

What is a Spotify Promotion Service?

Let’s start at the beginning and answer the question: “Who or what is a Spotify Promotion Service?” A Spotify Promotion Service is basically a service to market your music. These services are not offered by Spotify itself, but by third parties. At this point: Watch out! There are a lot of providers that are much cheaper than the competitors, but they also work with bots: Fake Streams. And yes, we know how tempting these offers between all the established musicians with millions of plays are, especially for newcomers. But please leave it aside. Here you can learn about the benefits of an organic Spotify Promotion

Such offers will do you more harm than good in retrospect. Curators, for example, might notice your deception and refrain from placing it on one of their playlists. Spotify’s algorithm might simply ignore you because your streams don’t match the rest of your data. The result would be an exclusion from playlists such as “Discover Weekly” or “Your Mix of the Week”. In the worst case, your song or even your whole profile could be blocked on Spotify! Considering how much time, effort, and money you put into your music until the point of release, it would be too bad if exactly this case would apply, wouldn’t it?

Promotion Possibilities for long-term success

Let’s rather dedicate our time here to the possibilities that will ensure a long-term and traceable growth of your Spotify profile. Firstly, you always have the possibility to pitch your song two to three weeks before its release, independently on Spotify’s own editorial playlists like “Rapcaviar”, “Dance Brand New” or “Modus Mio”. All you need is a PC and five to ten minutes of time. Please take care to describe your song as aptly and compactly as possible. The curators, even if they are book lovers, usually don’t have the time to read through whole novels.

Another possibility is to create your own playlists on Spotify and place your music in these lists. Make sure that the tracks you choose fit to your music or vice versa. For example, it doesn’t help much to create a party hit playlist if you make melancholic German pop. Otherwise, you can also find the curators on your own, contact them and send in your songs for sampling. In our opinion, this method is the most time consuming, and not too promising.

Now let’s get to our main topic, the organic Spotify Promotion Service. To understand how such a service works, we will explain the steps we take in BEFORE EIGHT.

Woman using a Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

The BEFORE EIGHT Spotify Promotion Service

First, you send us your song via the contact form on BEFORE EIGHT. We will listen to your track and firstly, we’ll estimate if a cooperation would be useful. It is mainly about whether a cooperation is promising for all parties. Of course, your master has to sound good, and the vocals have to be right, but that’s not so important. Our employees are musicians themselves and fortunately have the necessary skills to be able to imagine and evaluate the demo or final product in an abstract way. After reviewing your song, you will usually receive an answer within 24 hours, in which two cases can occur.

Option A: Your song is rejected

We can understand that this case can be very disappointing for a musician. Nevertheless, you should not bury your head in the sand! We would be happy if you send us more music from you in the future. We rate each song individually and maybe the first one doesn’t fit into our catalog, but the second, third, forth or fifth one does.

Option B: Your song is accepted

In this case, we will send you an individual and non-binding offer. We will offer promotion packages according to the genre and the chances of success. Of course, you can also decline our recommendation and book another package. Afterwards, you send us all necessary data to create your promotion campaign on Spotify using an online form. We need your billing address, the artist name, the song URL and the desired start date of your campaign.

Info: In our promotion campaigns, we always make sure that your song is placed in the best and most suitable way. German pop titles, for example, are exclusively pitched to German-language playlists.

The Playlist Pitching

If all necessary data is available, we’ll start promoting your song as soon as possible. For this purpose, we’ll pitch your song to our network of curators, which we’ve built up over the years, to build a satisfying reach for you. However, we do not set up a minimum number of streams because we work exclusively organically. This means that all listeners who hear your song through the playlists we pitched it to are real people. Nevertheless, we say from experience that a song generates at least ten percent of streams, measured by the range. In a promotion campaign with 1,000,000 followers, it would be at least 100,000 streams. With 500,000 reach, it would be 50,000 streams, and so on. These numbers result from our personal experience, and they give you a good orientation.

The Analysis

Approximately ten days after your song has been pitched to the curators and editors, you will receive a personal report about placements we’re able to acquire for you in the playlists. It is very important to us to make our work steps comprehensible and transparent. If you are dissatisfied with the results or would like to make comments or praise, you’re welcome to do so via the contact form on Please note, that at this point, only the pitching was finished. Of course, your song will naturally go through a further development. A final rating can only be given about one month after the start of your promotion campaign.

Info: In general, the curators change their playlists every 4 weeks. Often, they decide to keep the song in their playlist for a longer period of time if the performance is good (up to seven weeks).

Should I book a Spotify Promotion Service?

In summary, when promoting your music, you can use a Spotify promotion service with a clear conscience. You should note that the service provider works organically and does not use bots or fake streams. An advantage of organic reach generation is that Spotify’s algorithm-based playlists, such as “Your Mix of the Week” or “Discover Weekly”, can get you and your music to be noticed faster. Your streaming figures are traceable and provide the basis for sustainable growth, because only real existing listeners can share, store and recommend your tracks in their personal or digital environment. Real fans are also potential buyers of CDs, merchandise or concert tickets. Furthermore, the curators will be more sympathetic to you if you work honestly and organically.

We hope that this way we could give you a small overview of your possibilities in the field of streaming promotion on Spotify. It is very important to us that you, as a musician, understand how promotion works and how you can get more out of your product/music through playlist promotion without a time-consuming, high or costly effort. BEFORE EIGHT is a promotion agency by musicians for musicians.

If our promotion service has aroused your interest, you are welcome to contact us via the contact form at We’ll usually reply to your request within 24 hours on working days. Maybe the next big hit is already on the disk of your computer or laptop. Please feel free to contact us without obligation. We are curious about you and your music.


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