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We offer four different services tailored to your needs, because reaching the right listeners is a top priority. Our network of playlist curators and social media influencers can help you tap into a pool of millions of followers. 

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Promotion through Tastemakers

Playlist makers are the new gatekeepers of the music industry. By placing your songs in the right playlists, you will reach thousands of new listeners organically and instantly. BEFORE EIGHT has established a network of Playlist makers over several years, who can pitch your music to their loyal audiences.

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Make Money while Promoting

It is true, marketing can earn you money. When you get your song placed on playlists with thousands of followers who listen to the lists multiple times a day or week, you will see not only your fanbase, but also your earnings from Spotify grow. BEFORE EIGHT charges you only for the promotion, and if your song ends up on your listeners ‘favourite’ lists, you’ll earn royalties from the constant streams of your music.

Get Featured by Spotify

A surge in streams as well as getting featured on multiple popular playlists will result in a rise of your popularity with listeners. When these users become your frequent listeners and save your songs, they will stream them even more. All this streaming activity helps you get noticed by Spotify and could result in you getting featured by Spotify’s handmade editorial playlists, or by their algorithm-controlled playlists.

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