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Hi, it’s good to have you back! So far, we have written a lot about promotion in general and Spotify promotion. But what kind of promotion agency would we be if we didn’t develop further and follow the latest trends on marketing of our target group? That’s exactly what we’ve done for you & your advertising campaigns and now we can offer you our latest service: tiktok promotion.



And now you ask yourselves: How do my music and TikTok will fit together? Should I become an Influencer too? We will get to the bottom of this question line by line. Just this much in advance: Don’t worry, you don’t have to become an influencer and generate additional video content for your subscribers. Because first and foremost you are at home in the music industry – as an artist, songwriter, musician, or producer! This comes first. However, it’s worth taking on the challenge and look at TikTok and TikTok promotion and how you can make the best use of the content for you and your brand.

What is TikTok?

You probably already know the TikTok platform. Current surveys show that around 83% of 18 to 24-year-olds know TikTok. This means that TikTok, next to other social media like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube is gaining more and more popularity and approval in a very important target group. For those who don’t know it: TikTok is a worldwide hyped social media platform, a video portal of the company Bytedance. Hundreds of millions of users worldwide are on the move on this platform every day. Why? Influencers upload short and entertaining videos – maximum 60 seconds long and with music as background. Does this have future potential? Oh yes! No other social media platform has grown so fast! Scrolling through TikTok just doesn’t get boring. Users currently spend an average of 45 minutes a day on the platform. On the start page, the “For You” feed is tailored to each user. Do you like pets? Then you are most likely to see funny cat videos with the hashtag kitty. Or you like rappers like Travis Scott or Drake? Then maybe you’ll see the latest dance videos to tracks from these producers. For each of the millions of people, you can find the right hashtag or filter like the gestures effect. Each video tells its own story to the user.

Submit your music now!

So far so good. But what do I get out of TikTok as a musician or producer?

You have our full approval, if that surprises you. But it turns out: If you manage to position yourself in the right place on this rapidly growing platform, you can quickly gain popularity – even as a newcomer! Because: Content counts much more than followers! At this point: These short videos are like gifts for you as an artist, cleverly used they can bring you the next big hit. How do I establish myself as an artist on the platform?

Option 1: The slogan of TikTok is “Real People. Real Videos.”.

So: Become an influencer, throw hashtags around and use your songs in your videos. But this first idea is probably the most difficult way, so we don’t recommend it.

Option 2: You don’t want to be an influencer?

You just want to make music, be a producer or songwriter? Of course you can hope that some influencer with many subscribers discovers your production by chance, uses it on TikTok and you become famous. This kind of collaboration is rather unlikely. Therefore: no recommendation here either.


Just use TikTok marketing to establish yourself and your music as a brand!

How does it work? Let your song be used by influencers. You have to pitch your song, make collaborations, know the platform like the back of your hand.

Option 3: You can do TikTok promo yourself, of course.

Sounds easy? But unlike marketing your music on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, it’s quite complex: Pick out influencers, then see which ones fit your music, write to them and then in between all the fan mail you can somehow get noticed for a collaboration. But you can also have that easy. In the following, we will explain our campaign process.

How does TikTok promo with BEFORE EIGHT work ? 

Option 4: Simply contact us with your song via the contact form.

We’ll reply within 24 hours and give you feedback on your song. If the feedback is negative, don’t take it personally – maybe the song just doesn’t fit into our networks right now. Stay tuned and send us something from time to time. Maybe it won’t work out with the first song, but maybe with the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th! Our feedback for your production is positive? Great, the first hurdle for cooperation is done. Then, the first part of the campaign process is set in motion, such as which TikTok promotion package you should choose. And then you just sit back and tinker with the rest of your promotion strategy or your next song. We get active and pitch your song to our Influencer networks. And who knows best how your song will be promoted? Right, the influencers. Then it’s their turn – get creative, shoot and edit your TikTok promotion video, and put it online on TikTok. Why should influencers choose your song? Well, they also want to increase their popularity and for that, they need a good production, no matter if from established producers or newcomers.

Submit your music now!

Content counts. Success on platforms through TikTok promo.

Now you ask yourself if this isn’t a little cheat? No, because you want to reach your target group, venture into the future, and generate income. What could be better than having your production heard by millions of people in a duet with good visual content? Even big companies like Horizon use dance videos for advertising campaigns. So why not also artists, producers, and songwriters? Taylor Swift’s example shows that this also works for the music industry: Her sales, downloads, and therefore her revenues and market share are currently increasing – and this is due to a song that was released 12 years ago! Why? Because the song is getting a lot of approval, especially from Influencer on TikTok! Or another example: Rapper Lil Nas X landed a hit of the year with his song “Old Town Road” when he was only 20 years old. And this only through TikTok subscribers, a top hashtag, and a challenge linked to it. That’s how you go from small to big player!

Instead of just focusing on streaming, a completely new possibility is revealed: TikTok promotion.

Did you like this little insight into the world of the TikTok promo? Cool! BEFORE EIGHT is a music promotion agency – by musicians for musicians. We want musicians to know their possibilities how to market their music best. Because sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees! That was the same for us in the beginning. But in recent years we have learned a lot, networked, and entered into collaborations. That’s how we have built up large networks. With us, you won’t make any more beginner’s mistakes, but let your reach grow organically. This is how subscribers become fans who really listen to and love your music.

Are you interested in a promotion package to get your campaign off the ground? Then contact us via our contact form. Usually, we will get back to you within 24 hours. Maybe your song is exactly the one the Influencers are waiting for? Maybe it goes viral with the next TikTok challenge? Or is the new trend kicking off with dance videos? Anything is possible on TikTok.

In the next few articles, we’ll explain in more detail how advertising campaigns work on TikTok. You are still asking yourselves: Why TikTok? We accept this challenge as well and will explain the benefits for your production, campaign, and revenues in more detail.

We are looking forward to you and your music! Let us work together to make your brand more popular through TikTok promo. Hashtag new challenge!


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