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Welcome back! Today we will continue with the tiktok promotion exploration tour. Here, we will review what tiktok and tiktok promo are and dive into the topic of tiktok promotion services and marketing agencies.

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Make Music, Videos and Followers

As you might know, the primary goal of TikTok is entertainment. An important element is the background music to the short videos. You can see this in the fact that 1. Gema deals with TikTok and 2. music is not only audible, but also present in the form of the rotating plate at the bottom right of each video. By clicking on the LP you can see how often the corresponding music has already been used in a TikTok video – an indicator of how viral a song is on TikTok. It’s also much easier to find out the name of the catchy music that a TikTok user is using. Since TikTok doesn’t use the full length of the songs, the user has to switch to other platforms like Spotify to hear the complete song. This makes TikTok a perfect Tool for TikTok Promotion Services!

For you as a musician, this generates streams – perfect! TikTok is not only there to share funny videos, but you can use it to promote your music, share songs and reach new audiences. Of course, this also has to fit around it. If people like your music, they have the potential to become fans. You can find out on TikTok what the song is called and who wrote it. In order for them to be able to listen to it in full length, save it on streaming platforms like Spotify or download it, your artist profile has to be up-to-date! Artists like Lil Nas X, Ava Max, jiggo and ZaeHD were successful with promotion and became more successful through TikTok on other platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

Create an Audience - Use TikTok Promotion Services

Of course, you can produce your music in a way that makes it run as well as possible on TikTok – catchy melody, easy lyrics, popular genre. But you don’t have to do that. After all, TikTok also means that it’s best to be yourself. You should pay attention to this: Do not make your songs too long. Nowadays, no user listens to one song for 15 minutes or even longer. Most people get bored very quickly. Higher, faster, further, shorter – that is the spirit of the age. You can use this zeitgeist to put yourself in the limelight as a brand. 

We have already told you how you can do this in a few tips and tricks in our blog. If you want to become active on TikTok and want to create good new videos, then you should also read our other tips. We’ve already told you how you can promote your music on your own. Today we’re talking about TikTok promotion services like BEFORE EIGHT. Of course, there are many different services on the market – sometimes more expensive, sometimes cheaper, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, sometimes for different genres. You have to choose for yourself what fits best. 

The BEFORE EIGHT TikTok Promotion Services

We at BEFORE EIGHT offer a modern holistic concept consisting of Spotify promo and TikTok promo. Because according to our analyses, these are the most important platforms you should use as an artist. Our Team always finds the best fitting marketing campaigns and promo strategies for our artists – using a variety of methods and platforms that are available. With us, you have experienced musicians at your side, who want the best for your music. 

We dissociate ourselves from any streaming fraud and bots, because this way you won’t achieve organic reach, but rather exclusion from platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Co. If we notice fraud, we will actively take action against it. To let your reach grow organically, we have a pitching service on Spotify and collaborate with different playlists. On the other hand, we have built up a network of TikTok users and influencers who are happy to promote your music. We also do additional label work. So if you are interested in Spotify promo, TikTok promo or a release, just contact us via the contact form on our website.

BEFORE EIGHT TikTok Promotion Services

Why TikTok Promotion?

In previous blog posts, we already introduced the up-and-coming underdog platform TikTok. TikTok is a great opportunity for you: People can find your music as great as you do, especially by combining it with appropriate visual content in different contexts. This way, your music stays in their heads and is played over and over again, especially in all the different videos. And the new Instagram feature shows that this works: Reels actually work like TikTok.

Why TikTok Promotion Services?

Our promotion philosophy is now to find the perfect start for you: An Influencer that fits your music perfectly. It makes no sense to use American influencers for German Schlager – Or maybe it does?! If we cannot guarantee a good fit, we will continue to search or reject your song. Don’t take this personally, because it is also in your interest. Maybe it will work next time, because we are constantly expanding our network. BEFORE EIGHT makes sure that your target group can be met. 

The influencers should then publish at least one video with your song. Depending on the booked package, you will get the range of the influencer. How they present the song is up to them, because they know the platform best. And maybe they’ll create the latest duet, the coolest challenge or the perfect hashtag – that’s how your song will spread through TikTok. Of course, they can also decide how they want to use the song otherwise – in videos, on other channels, etc. It would be perfect for you, your music and your brand. Especially as a newcomer, you should focus on these promising media.

Now you are ready for the future of music marketing. Start your way today: 

1. Familiarize yourself with TikTok and maybe even create a profile. 

2. Have your music ready – even older songs can go viral. 

3. Contact us via the contact form, start your marketing journey with us and achieve great results. 

Mastering, streaming and social media promotion for your music and your audience – we at BEFORE EIGHT have everything under one roof for you and are constantly expanding our network.

See you, stay tuned!


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