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Wondering how to get your music to the people? Then Spotify, with over 200 million active users, is certainly not new to you. But still, we keep getting questions like: How does my music get to those who really want to hear it? How can I organically generate streams? What do I have to do to become successful on Spotify? How do I build my fanbase?

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Success through Information

We at BEFORE EIGHT think: All musicians who want to be successful should have this knowledge. And sometimes you just need a little extra help, for example through Spotify Promotion Services. Find out what you can expect from a one of the top Spotify Promotion Companies in general.

One of the basics is, of course, that you promote your music through your social media accounts – but that’s not enough. The chance of getting lost in the mass of other artists is massive. That’s why you should try to gain additional attention through placements in Spotify playlists. This is exactly, where Spotify promotion service agencies come in and help you to reach new listeners and increase your fan base. Promotion here means pitching to playlists. Although you can promote your music yourself, we recommend hiring a marketing professional as well.

The Benefits of Top Spotify Promotion Companies

Of course, you can also pitch your music to playlists yourself for free, but this is time-consuming or requires a large network. Top Spotify promotion companies – like us at BEFORE EIGHT – already have this network. We pitch your song to various curated Spotify playlists. Usually, Spotify promotion services give you different packages to choose from – depending on your desired reach and your genre. Through this, streaming services have access to thousands of followers from your target group to whom your music can be marketed and who generate organic Spotify streams. In turn, the additional streams increase the number of your monthly listeners. This gets you noticed by Spotify’s algorithms, so your song is more likely to be included in algorithm-based playlists – that’s the final boost your song deserves.

How do the Top Promotion Agencies Work?

The best of the best work transparently. At BEFORE EIGHT, it usually works like this: you submit your song for free, and then you get feedback on whether your song fits our network. If it fits, then the whole promotion campaign starts: The song is pitched to selected curators.

We have no influence on the placement and the position in Spotify playlists. This decision is made independently by the respective curators. This is – besides transparency – another quality feature of the Top Spotify Promotion Companies. And one more thing: We always try to get the best out of it for you! Of course, you will receive updates on how your song is performing and a transparent evaluation of the promotion in the end.

How do I find the Best Spotify Promotion Agency for my Music?

There are many different services that also specialize on different music. So, the first step is to find a service that suits your music. When choosing, you should also make sure that real streams are generated. Fake streams by bots or click farms won’t do you any good and can even lead to Spotify excluding you. Top Services do not promise a certain number of streams, as they work organically, but the final results will be even better, as you will gain real followers!  

So, do you want to take advantage of Top Spotify Promotion Companies, save time and money and on top of that be at the forefront of the latest trends for your music? Then contact BEFORE EIGHT via our contact form. We are there for all artists – not just for the big guys, but also for newcomers with small marketing budgets.

We can’t wait for your story and your music!


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