8 Social Media Tips for a Successful Music Marketing

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Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram or Facebook have been an essential part of the music industry and the everyday life of users. Especially in the period of Coronavirus, screen time has increased by 2 hours a day given the home office solutions and the increased free time people spent at home. In total, people in Germany spend on average 10 hours a day in front of a display. The increasing time on such devices means also more chances for newcomer artists to market themselves on social networks. In the following article we’d like to share some invaluable Tipps to bring your social media skills to a new level.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing satisfies many functions for musicians. You can use social media for your networking and build a fan base on your profile through followers and fans. Furthermore, you can advertise yourself on different social media platforms to promote your music to the right audience. The following social media marketing checklist gives you 8 social media tips at hand to support you in this. If you have further questions, take a look at our FAQ section.

Why is Social Media Marketing so important?

Social media connects the world. You can link profiles, unite fans and spread your music worldwide. Moreover, social media channels offer another advantage, as they are varied and offer the right target group for each content. Therefore, you can promote any music genre on social media and reach a whole new group of potential fans. Your social media fans will also support you outside of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Co. and can be converted into music streams and purchased concert tickets in the long run. You will now find out how to achieve this!

8 Social Media Tips

First: The Social Media Marketing Strategy

Before you blindly start to put your numerous social media profiles into shape, you should first and foremost develop a suitable strategy. To this end, you can ask yourself this question among the others, “Who do I want to reach with my content and how can I implement that to the fullest”. Initially, we would recommend you to determine your target audience and choose your niche based on that.

As a newcomer in the music sector, you should already be aware that your social media content should fit you and your image as an artist. An authentic image, in which your art coincides with your content, promotes the growth of your profile enormously. A striking example: Greta Thunberg would most likely never buy an SUV and drive it publicly. So if you stand for certain things with your music, your contents should not be contradictory.

Social Media Tipps

Second: Just Do It!

Yes, we know that this point contradicts the first tip. It happens! Sometimes spontaneity plays a totally crucial role in your development on social medial platforms. For example, Instagram’s story format gives you the opportunity to interact with your fans or followers in real time. By looking behind the scenes, the user feels integrated into the life of the artist. Furthermore, you can keep your fans up to date through story content without much effort. If for instance a new release is coming soon, you have the opportunity to inform your community.

Third: Don't cheat

The offers of dubious providers are tempting. For a small amount of money you can buy followers, likes, and comments on almost any platform. But numbers don’t always speak louder than words. It should be clear to you that fake numbers are negative for the algorithm and can impact your account negatively. YouTube’s terms and conditions even state that fake values and working with bots is prohibited. In the worst case, your profile could be deleted by Google’s subsidiary! In one of our other blog entries, you can learn, why an organic promotion is so important.

Fourth: Be Creative

Whether it’s your music or social media content! Be creative! Original ideas, reels, and images that emotionalize users or simply make them think or smile are much more valuable than sheer numbers and boring contents that have already been created in similar ways thousands of times. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t jump on trends train! When a trend, like a challenge, matches your artistic character – Go for it! By taking up current trends, your reach can increase quickly.

Fifth: Learn from the Stars

Learning from the big names in the business will definitely be beneficial to improve your reach. By looking at profiles of well-known artists, you will notice what you like or don’t like about their content. By adapting it, you can create entertaining content that your own fans will enjoy as well. You can also orient yourself through the hashtags used by well-known influencers and ride the wave to bring your music to the world.

Sixth: Sorry for Spam

Despite all the possibilities that social media platforms offer, try not to spam your community. Impressions from your life are important, but you should not post everything. By spamming posts and stories, you could start annoying your followers. Post freely and consistently, but not everything!

Seven: Collaborations

It makes perfect sense to view your competitors not only as such, but also as potential partners. Through collaborations like joint videos or contributions, artists can benefit from one another mutually just as much as with a feature-song. Keep your eyes wide open for collaborations with other musicians.

Eight: Verify your Social Media Profile

Verified profiles are a sign of professionalism. Oftentimes they are blue ticks which give your followers the immediate certainty that they found your official profile. On Instagram, you will find an option in your settings. You can find detailed information on how to verify your profile simply by searching the internet.

Get started with our Social Media Tips now!

To sum it up, there are numerous useful social media tips that can help you with the development of your social networks. However, you should pay attention to the quality of your musical products and show a certain level of professionalism. Should you be interested in a collaboration with us, please contact us anytime. We hope we were able to help you a bit with this post.

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