Why Social Media Promotion is so important for Musicians

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Social media channels represent one of the most important promotion portals today. If you want to be successful with your music, you have to know social media channels well. TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter…as you can see, the list is long but no worries, here is an overview of the main social media promotion tools.

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Modern Music World – Focus on Social Media Promotion

A lot has changed since the time of music television, when MTV & VIVA were the gatekeepers for every musician. TV stations and radios do not have the same power on newcomers and established artists as they had back then. Platforms like Myspace and YouTube changed the panorama and social media promotion becomes more and more important.

Newcomers suddenly had the opportunity to present their music to a greater audience via internet with a click. One of the most striking examples is the Arctic Monkeys. Overnight, the band collected millions of clicks. At the time, Myspace was considered a sort of important forerunner of Soundcloud and Spotify.

Artists could also build their own community on YouTube and Facebook, independently of labels and gatekeepers. The times in which artists produced demos and presented themselves to labels were over. The path remains the same, but artists follow it in a different order: first, they build a certain reach for themselves and only then they sign a contract. Nonetheless, nowadays, it is also possible for musicians to live off their music independently, even without a label or a distribution contract. But let’s go back to our original question: why is social media promotion important for musicians?

Social Media Promotion für Musiker

TikTok Promotion

This question can be answered by giving a brief look at the upper ranks of the international and national charts. The perfect example is TikTok. The short video app generates enormous sales in the music industry. In fact, if a song works on the social media platform, it typically works on the charts as well. The stage that TikTok can give to singles, increases streams and thus sales, which are relevant measures for charts’ placement.

Success on TikTok means also that the artist will get more visibility and may end up in editorial playlists or news articles. Furthermore, labels will become aware more quickly of musicians who are viral on TikTok.

YouTube Promotion

Music promotion on YouTube is also essential for young and emerging artists. For example, you have the opportunity to build your own community by uploading your music videos or behind the scenes material.

Similarly to TikTok, you can upload short clips that usually go viral quicker than the “normal” videos on your channel. The effort in this case is clearly lower and there is another advantage: you can reuse the content of your shorts on many other platforms (TikTok, Instagram, etc.).

Facebook Promotion

Facebook can be considered more or less than a hub for your ads on Facebook and Instagram. You have the chance to boost your posts or run entire campaigns across both platforms. The algorithm is very helpful in this, as it shows you suggestions for optimization of your advertising campaign. To know how to promote your music specifically on Facebook, click right here for a detailed guide.

Instagram Promotion

Instagram could be described as a hybrid between Facebook and TikTok. You have a profile page where you can share posts like photos, images, and videos. Moreover, there are reels that can go viral faster. For you as an artist, the story function could be particularly interesting. Here you can build a tighter bond with your fans and share spontaneous insights into your life as an artist. Nonetheless, you should be reminded that your content has to fit your image and music on all platforms. An authentic image is the A&O in the field of social media marketing.

Twitter & Snapchat Promotion

You can also advertise your music on Twitter and Snapchat through an Ads Manager. There are several options and display forms useful to increase your reach.

Social Media Promotion is important, because...

It is pretty easy to answer to why it is important to promote your music on social medias as an artist. If you don’t, you are missing out on opportunities and a high potential to increase your reach, fame, streams, and listeners. Individual platforms are a sort of stage for musicians, in which they have the opportunity to present themselves daily in the best possible way.

BEFORE EIGHT - Social Media Promotion for you!

If you are having difficulties in building your channels, it is possible to cooperate with a social media promotion agency. These are service providers who work with you on the sustained growth of your profiles as an artist. Also at BEFORE EIGHT there are several ways of presenting your music to a broader audience, starting with promotion campaigns, in which we advertise your music in the best possible way, and on to playlist pitching in third parties playlists. 

We assist the artist from first to last step and work as a team on your ambitious goals. Should you be interested in a cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. In this post, we were hopefully able to show you why social media promotion is important for artists in the music field.

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