Deezer Music Promotion

A data based approached to music promotion

Driving Engangement

Using our Deezer’s promotion service, you can add songs into algorithmic playlists. This means that you get to place your song into the moment where the listeners are most likely to listen through and engage with your song.

This prerequisite enables a whole range of targeting options that allow you to aim for the user’s mood and genre choice. Deezer thus allows you to define your ideal “listener context” and increase your exposure to the right listener at the right time.

Listener listens through algorithmic playlist
Listening to deezer playlists where sponsored songs are played randomly

Sponsored Tracks

Sponsored songs are played randomly when a listener hears an algorithmic playlist on Deezer. Listeners get to skip and dislike songs they do not like right from the first beat and those songs are not shown to them as an ad again.

Keep in mind, you are only charged when users play more than 30 seconds of your song. What this means for your promotion is that the campaign will auto-optimize, and your song is only played to users who actually want to listen to your music. This helps you find the highly engaged fans, who are more likely to see you on tour, follow your socials, buy merch, and stream your music regularly, way after the promotion has ended.

Data-First Promotion

Every Deezer campaign generates a lot of data. Using this data, we can answer all kinds of questions, like which songs were skipped or played fully, which version of the Album Art people liked and more information regarding the demographics of your audience. We use these data points to confirm and test assumptions we made at the start of the campaign and manually optimize our targeting, so we can maximize the reach you can get from your budget. Because of our optimization, you will spend the same amount of money but reach a larger, more interested and eager market of listeners.

Note: Unfortunately, Deezer promotion services can no longer be offered, as Deezer no longer supports this feature. Nevertheless, we hope that we could give you some useful information. If you have any questions about our other promotion services, feel free to contact us! 

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