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We offer four different services tailored to your needs, because reaching the right listeners is a top priority. Our network of playlist curators and social media influencers can help you tap into a pool of millions of followers. 

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TikTok Influencer


TikTok has attracted millions of new users in the last few years and is the ideal place to connect with Gen Z. Engage with customers in a natural, fun, and relaxed way!

The niche influencers

TikTok influencers often have very niche audiences. This means that you can target listeners effectively, start TikTok challenges, sing with fans, and reach each listener in a moment when they are open to relax and engage with your music

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Impact-based promotion

The key to performing well on TikTok is to understand, measure and optimise the impact your campaigns have. We work with micro and macro influencers to predict and measure the impact of your music promotion. We focus heavily on both the total views and the engagement received as well as the quality of content produced by the influencer. TikTok has already championed major international viral hits and with the right influencer strategy you can take full advantage of it!

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