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Since the beginning of Web 2.0, YouTube has been one of the most successful platforms for user generated videos. Its users do not only like to watch content they also enjoy listening to their favourite artists or discover new music. It is the ideal space to get creative, support your music with a video and grow your audience!

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Promoting your music on YouTube is similar to promoting it on Facebook or Instagram. We develop a targeted marketing campaign and present your music to a large audience of potential new fans. Through our advertising campaigns, we make new listeners aware of your music – an important step to get to the next level of your career.
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Reaching Fans with Youtube Promotion

Why YouTube?

Throughout the years, YouTube has evolved into a platform with high quality content that entertains all kinds of audiences. Its content ranges from funny cat videos to travel experiences, Vlogs or music productions. Due to its user-centred approach, you may reach the right users for your music and content.

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