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Have you already been busy marketing your song through streaming promotion on Spotify and Deezer? Great! Then you have already built up a part of the marketing portfolio for your music business. Now it’s time to develop further and learn new niches: promote on TikTok.

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Everything about TikTok Promotion

What is behind it? Exactly, you can use the underdog of the social media apps TikTok to market your song. Today we will guide you through the process of how to get closer to the goal of “promote on TikTok” and above all, we will show you various examples of how brands position themselves with their new products through advertising on TikTok. Of course, all this also applies to songs. Because your songs are your product and you as an artist embody a certain brand. Then let’s get started!

    Can you Promote on TikTok?

    Yes, you can! No matter what business or brand you have, you’re sure to find an audience on TikTok. This is especially true for music marketing. If you don’t have an account on TikTok yet: Just imagine a mixture of Snapchat, instagram stories, Twitch and Vine. You don’t have to be a user – you can test tiktok in your browser without an account. What makes the tiktok app so popular?

    • Short videos, 15 to 60 seconds.
    • Music, music, music – every video comes with a song or other audio.
    • Nobody is perfect, make authentic content.
    • Commitment is important, not simple broadcasting.
    • Audience counts – hashtags, challenges, likes, views, duets create a strong sense of community.

    Music is always part of TikTok

    Do you know how the idea for TikTok was created? The TikTok founder watched young people on the subway moving their lips to songs and filmed themselves – lip-sync. So: The idea was born by listening to music. For us in the music business, that’s perfect! At TikTok you reach your young and modern target group. Because of the specific algorithms and commitment, people see content that they are really interested in, not because they’ve already seen X videos of a specific influencer. Nevertheless, a successful influencer has a greater reach of followers and therefore a great potential to promote different products. On average, users spend 52 minutes a day on the app – and the trend is rising. So, the TikTok users are exposed to a large mass of videos and music and may find their new favorite artist or participate in many challenges.

    TikTok is mainly used by young people. But in the meantime, actors, athletes and other popular personalities are gradually becoming aware of TikTok. Of course, large companies such as Google, ABC, Coca-Cola and Nike do not miss out on this and use TikTok for their ads. We have heard that even Khloé Kardashian was paid as TikTok influencer for advertising on the platform. Nevertheless: finding the next big hit on TikTok can be difficult, despite the omnipresence of music. For example, there is no function of a chart system. The only way to find out about popular trends is to watch numerous videos and on the other hand to place “products” smart.

    Influencer promoting a brand on tiktok

    How to Promote a Brand on TikTok?

    In order to do this, brands increasingly rely on collaboration with certain influencers rather than on classic placed ads and marketing. This is expected to create great added value with little money. Especially the occupation of niche topics is in great demand and so nano- and micro-influencers are used. With these influencers you can also promote your music: Let them get creative and simply use your songs in their videos – that is effective and authentic. Just the way it should be on TikTok.

    How to Promote a Song on TikTok?

    The question is actually similar to that of product marketing and promo of a brand. Because: You as an artist are a brand. Songs have made it into the Billboard Top 100 or become summer hits – just because they went viral on TikTok. So you see: Success on TikTok also spreads to other platforms like instagram or Spotify. But, how do you get this success now?


    Your music wants to be heard, so you need the right audience. The majority of users are under 30 years old and female. Since TikTok comes from China, they are particularly strong there, but the app has several million users in Germany, too. Social media lives from engagement and commitment, which makes TikTok especially interesting for musicians.

    Advertising opportunity 

    For you as a newcomer or established artist, the TikTok advertising platform is probably not (yet) interesting. But you can advertise for yourself in your very own videos – or via influencers, which you can either find yourself or you can use a promotion service like BEFORE EIGHT. Another possibility would be advertising via the Facebook Audience Network.


    You should of course think about how you want your advertising to work and what you want to achieve. You can build your advertising strategy on this: i.e. either come up with your own creative content or save your time and give it to influencers. The goals can be more followers on TikTok or other social media platforms like instagram – but your strategy can also have an impact on streaming numbers and downloads on Spotify or clicks on your YouTube video.

    Of course, we can’t guarantee that all TikTok users will fall in love with your music immediately, but these 3 steps – along with our other TikTok tips and the most infectious lyrics and melodies possible – are already helpful information.

    Extra: How to Promote Youtube on TikTok?

    For you as a musician it is of course super simple, because you actually want to market your song. TikTok offers you the possibility to present your song in different contexts – through the different videos of TikTok users. That’s much better than just showing a YouTube video and you’ll reach a lot more fans. By the way: ByteDance, which includes TikTok, has launched its own streaming service in a few countries. So, we can be curious about which new ideas will come up.  

    So, why don’t you start right away and make 2020 your year, and join us at BEFORE EIGHT in the new challenge? If we get any new information, you’ll find it right here on our blog!

    See you soon,

    Your BEFORE EIGHT Team

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