Success on YouTube – An Introduction

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Generating more and more clicks on YouTube and thus increasing your subscribers is more than difficult, especially at the beginning of your YouTube career. In the following, we explain step by step how you can increase your views and thus also your subscribers or your reach.

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Success on YouTube - Your Promotion Tools

Success on YouTube takes a lot of time and especially knowledge. In our YouTube Blog you get all the knowledge to boost your success on YouTube. In this blog entry, you get an introduction to the most important aspects of YouTube and music promotion on YouTube.

Create a Channel trailer

First, you could cut a channel trailer from your previous videos. Through the short clip, viewers can see directly what is in store for them and whether they are addressing the content. You should then automatically play the trailer on your main page. A positive side effect: You don’t need any new footage for the channel trailer. Simply use the video footage from your previous content to easily increase your viewing numbers.

Call to Action

Actively call your viewers to action! The best way to do this is to use the end of your video. Viewers with the most watch time are more likely to subscribe to your channel or leave a like or comment. Always make sure not to sound too demanding and as nice or polite as possible. Sentence beginnings like “I would be happy if…” or “I would be very happy if…” should be part of the standard repertoire of your prompts.

Choose your Thumbnails wisely

Thumbnails are just as important as your headlines. Try to use cover images that are as meaningful and eye-catching as possible. For example, if your video appears on the YouTube homepage, the viewer usually decides within seconds whether to click on your video. Furthermore, your thumbnails should always match your CI.

Use the right Keywords

Use the appropriate keywords and hashtags in your description and video title. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. Your videos can be found through YouTube’s algorithms and search functions and increase your views.

Success on YouTube through Cooperations

Try to build partnerships and collaborate with other creators. In the best case, both parties benefit from cooperation. You don’t necessarily have to work with channels in the same niche. A network has only advantages, because in addition to cooperation, it also enables the exchange of experience and knowledge.

Erfolg auf YouTube

Follow the Trends

It is quite permissible to follow trends. For example, you could make a parody of a current video, cover a song, or respond to a viral video. However, use the possibilities of “trend following” sparingly. The main focus should always be your own content that matches your niche. You should pay particular attention to the right timing, because hypes are over quickly, and it does not help you to react to a video that has already gone viral weeks later.

Cross Promotion - Share your Content

Share your content outside of YouTube. On the one hand, use your other channels on Platforms such as Instagram or TikTok and on the other hand forums such as Reddit. Furthermore, you could create short clips that could go viral faster on the other platforms to promote your YouTube video.

Create Playlists

Similar to the well-known streaming platforms, you have the possibility to create playlists on YouTube. In the playlists you can include foreign, already known content as well as your own videos. You encourage the viewer to binge-watch and generate further views and subscribers without much effort. In one of our other blog entries, we explain how you can use YouTube Playlists as a Promotion Tool for your Music.

Link your videos to each other

Link your content together. For example, use cards or links in your description. Again, you increase your view numbers without much effort. In addition to the cards, you also have the option of adding a watermark or credits.

Make a plan

How important continuity is when building a brand, we do not have to explain to you at this point. Try to make an editorial plan and produce and publish your content in an appropriate time. You give your viewers a certainty that new content is constantly being created, and you yourself create more and more videos that could appeal to a new audience. 

Build up a strong Community

Try to interact with your community as often and extensively as possible. To do so, you can respond to comments or messages from your viewers, thank you for positive feedback, and respond to criticism. Your community will appreciate it and show it’s appreciation through more subscriptions and loyalty. Networking pays off on YouTube in all cases!

Book a Promotion Agency

We expressly advise against click, subscription, comment or like purchases. YouTube and viewers will sooner or later realize that your YouTube statistics are falsified data. If you still want to spend money to expand your channel, there is a much more elegant solution. Cooperation with promotion agencies. The promotion agency helps you from start to finish with the design and realization of your advertising campaign. We at BEFORE EIGHT offer organic YouTube promotion campaigns that allow durable success on YouTube.

Last but not least: Be yourself!

Believe us or not, but the viewer will notice 100 percent if you stand behind your content and your topics. Always try to make sure that all your content fits you and your person outside of YouTube. Only then creates an authentic image of you and creates trust among the viewers.


We hope we were able to give you a little insight into how you can optimize your channel and content to get more views on YouTube, and thank you for your interest and time. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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